Commands, Warnings, Parables of Jesus Christ, the Son of God

Assembled into categories in a organized easy to reference format. Click the button link to open and read what Jesus said about that subject. I am reviewing, compiling and adding to this section often. I consider them the most important information you will find on this site.

If you have not yet experienced the "Good News" of forgiveness and the "gift of life" this online video created from the Gospel of Luke about the life of Jesus Christ can help you to understand and believe.

We all need to repent and commit our heart and life 100% to obey the Son Of God. He warned everyone "if you love me you will obey my commands". We have all fallen short. I sure know I have. I have asked and continue to ask for His forgiveness, His loving kindness to "heal my eyes" and "open my ears", to help me spiritually wake up, pick up my cross, and follow Him every day.

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