The Walk In Love Message for the end of this age.
The Walk In Love Message for the end of this age.

Is the USA a Christian Nation?

Public knowledge background on how the present US system works

The supra-wealthy families who have ruled the financial world for centuries have been diligent on gaining power and control over the wealth and resources of the nations. They just keep on getting richer while the populations of the world grow poorer and into poverty. They have historically developed numerous ways to do this through illegal and destructive methods. They have done an effective job of using the banking industry along with other groups they use for recruitment and management since emerging from Britain to develop the birth of the USA in North America. They solidified their control in 1913-14 at the beginning of WW1 with the formation of the Federal Reserve System as the industrial era emerged. The Federal Reserve System is a private corporation that no one knows who it's owners and benefactors are. This corporation prints the money that the USA government has every legal right to print for themselves. They then loan it back to the government on interest. The yearly recurring interest cost of that banking trickery for many decades has equaled the yearly income tax on all working persons in the USA. This fits the image of "Babylon" (corrupt financial wealth system based on greed) riding on the back of the "Beast" (inhuman image of governmental enforcement and war system). These two systems of power work together to cloak their intentions and actions in patriotism while exploiting the people and resources of the nations of the world.

Freemasonry historically has also been diligent on gaining power and influence within the USA. They appear to have done an effective job of that since emerging from Britain to include North America and solidifying their control. They do not hide their presence and involvement in the formation and development of our nation yet the rituals concerning their levels to ascension within their system have been secretive hence unknown to most all those unfamiliar with the subject. It is public knowledge that the foundation of the USA and many presidents are confirmed Freemasons or have public references of being associated with Freemasonry. Several at very critical transitional times in US history. You can search the internet and find those references. Some are listed on Freemasonry websites within their own historical records. There are several historical sites that document extensive Freemasonry involvement and influence in the formation and development of the country.

The following is quoted from this website that relates historical information about the connections within USA agencies, corporations, banking industries and the world's wealthy families. If only half of it is factually true (it provides source references) it reveals that we as US citizens, including my patriotic father who fought 5 years front line in WW2, do not have a clue how and why decisions are made by our leaders. "The Council of Foreign Relations, or CFR, was created in 1922 and is the American affiliate of the British Royal Institute for International Affairs. The CFR prints a publication called Foreign Affairs that heavily influences the State Department. 'CFR members have dominated every Administration since FDR,' Henderson writes, 'and most Presidential candidates come from its ranks.' The CFR is the main force that the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) serves, as the CFR represents the businessmen whose overseas assets the CIA is tasked with protecting. 'Adlai Stevenson, Dwight Eisenhower, Richard Nixon, John F. Kennedy, Lyndon Johnson, Hubert Humphrey, George McGovern, Walter Mondale, Jimmy Carter, George Bush Sr. and Al Gore are all CFR alumni…David Rockefeller served as CFR Chairman for some time…every CIA Director since Allen Dulles has been a CFR member…the Nixon Administration had 115 CFR members…the Clinton Admin. included over 100 CFR alumni.' More than that, however, the CFR worked closely with international corporations to fund the Nazi war effort, while at the same time funding the Allied war effort. They did this largely through I.G. Farben."

The CIA was created by Harry Truman who is publicly known as a Freemason, for the purpose of intelligence and psychological warfare. That in it's simplest form means to control the message that determines what people believe is the truth. James Jesus Angleton, considered the "mother of the Central Intelligence Agency" is another prominent Skull & Bones member. Their funding and the use of those funds are never made public. They operate for all practical purposes outside of and independent of US voters and their elected government. Their funding and the use of those funds are never made public. They operate for all practical purposes outside of and independent of US voters and their elected government. The CIA after WW2 recruited and relocated 1000's of post WW2 Nazi party members for clandestine operations. Note: Other USA government agencies also relocated high level Nazi party members into high level USA research and development programs after WW2. It is public knowledge that the CIA continues to violate the constitutional rights of it's own citizens, the international rights of other nation's citizens.

The secretive Yale sorority "Skull and Bones–the Russell Trust Association–was first established among the class graduating from Yale in 1833. Its founder was William Huntington Russell of Middletown, Connecticut. The Russell family was the master of incalculable wealth derived from the largest U.S. criminal organization of the nineteenth century: Russell and Company, the great opium syndicate." It is used for recruitment from the elite wealthy and ruling families of the USA by the CIA to organize, manage and control high level business and government positions and the "message". James Jesus Angleton, considered the "mother of the Central Intelligence Agency" was a prominent Skull & Bones member. Prescott Bush and his son George HW Bush and his son GW Bush, John Kerry, William Buckley and other well known persons of this time period are "bonesmen". If you want to look into the historical in depth info with the names of the founding family members with their known "police blotter" records, along with past and current "bonesmen" you can find it here. This article also contains historical info about Freemasonry, how the two groups developed and how our elite universities fit into the recruitment process.

It's public knowledge that a number of our most loved and famous presidents took advice from mediums. Washington, Lincoln, FDR and Reagan did. Three of these men were presidents at violent pivotal times of the country and the last was the one marked as the "first king" in the final 49 years of the end of this age.

The "source" and "you shall know them by their fruits" are two biblical tests of everything in the spiritual world.

An example with some historical insight of the connection of "money & banking" with "war & government" that reveals the USA as “Babylon riding the Beast”. Robert McNamara was the head of the “World Bank” in 1968. This is the same Robert McNamara who during WW2 was involved in the firebombing of 67 Japanese cities, later in life using human skulls in tests at Ford Motor Company, and was secretary of defense in 1961 under Kennedy (Kennedy refused to go into Vietnam, was assassinated). Johnson who then became president took us into the Vietnam war with Robert McNamara running that war. This fits the image of “Babylon” (corrupt financial wealth system based on greed) riding on the back of the “Beast” (inhuman image of governmental enforcement war system) very well as this man was director of both within a 7 year time frame.

Another example of the connection of money & banking with war & government that fulfills that USA is “Babylon riding the Beast”: Paul Dundes Wolfowitz is an American political scientist who served as the 10th President of the World Bank and U.S. Deputy Secretary of Defense. He was an early advocate of the Iraq War and has widely been described as an architect of the war.

Based on the vast public knowledge of similar historical facts like those referenced above, to believe and call this nation a "Christian (Christ-like) nation could not be truthful. Yes, millions of saints and believers live in the USA and many have spoken up and had some influence at various times in history. Yet the source of the core of this nation's secretive leadership with it's "Babylon" value and belief system along with it's "beastly" enforcement power is not of God. It's influence and deception saturate all areas of life in the USA including our belief systems and churches.

We were not commanded by Jesus Christ to go make a Christian Nation". That historically appears to be a Roman Catholic doctrine and practice based on a convenient misunderstanding of Matt 28:19-20 to go out into all the nations and make disciples "TEACHING THEM TO OBSERVE ALL THINGS THAT I COMMANDED YOU". Is this nation teaching and obeying the commands of Jesus Christ?

In 1979 Jerry Falwell's "Moral Majority" movement was formed that began leading Christians into the belief that "we are a Christian nation with free elections". Ronald Reagan was the first president with former CIA director and Skull & Bones member George HW Bush as his VP that this movement helped elect. The next was George HW Bush, then his son GW Bush who also is a Skull & Bones member. It is shocking to look back and understand the damage this movement has done to the nation and to Christians. It was the wrong message to act on. Many of us back then sensed that? There were preachers at the time who spoke up and warned that the message was wrong.

What was the message? Guilt, blame and judgment on Christians, since it would be our fault if we didn't vote for the right candidate to take back "our" nation. That somehow by voting we could make our nation a "Christian Nation" once again. That Christians are responsible to "vote in" morality. To use the powers of government to legally force morality upon others, sending the message that Christians believe they are morally superior. These doctrines and ideas are not exampled in the "Good News" of Jesus Christ or biblical truth. We belong to a heavenly kingdom. We are commanded to set our hearts and minds above, where Jesus Christ sits at the right side of His Father and store up our treasures there. In this age the whole world lies in the evil one. Even the nation Israel when the Son of God came to them was controlled by God's enemy and crucified him. The USA is not our spiritual home. We are pilgrims and sojourners in a foreign land. We are to pitch a tent and be ready to move on following the Son of God where ever He goes. We should not be trying to build a country, castle or city to root in and stay.

Yet even more relevant to the subject is that we are all sinners. We all fall short of the "moral perfection" of God. We continually need Jesus Christ to mercifully cleanse us from our "falling short" during the remainder of our life here. We can not reform. We can not change ourselves or our government, or legislate morality to others to "fix the problem". It does not work. The end is worse than the beginning. We can only repent. Believe in Jesus Christ the Son of God. Be filled with the Spirit of God and fulfill His command to love one another. That would change the nations of the world. That would bring the Kingdom of God on earth.

By voting for these "Babylon - Beast" empowered leaders of this world system, regardless what political party they belonged to, who "love this world" and not Jesus Christ, who took corruption, deception, greed, fear, intimidation and war to their rivals and enemies, were we beguiled into participating in the cycle of destruction that fulfills the 8 kings prophecy?

God is pleading with us to wake up.

How can America be the worlds greatest exporter of pornography, violence, war, godless values, movies, images and systems of belief yet be a "Christian (Christ like) Nation"? We are commanded to "Come out of her (Babylon), my people, that you have no participation in her sins, and that you don’t receive of her plagues (judgments)" Rev 18:4. We may not be able to do that with our place of residence but we can do that in our heart and life through repentance and obedience to Jesus Christ the Son of God. We should read and meditate on His teachings and commands often.

We should listen to Him! Follow Him! Love Him! Obey Him!