The Great Pharmaceutical Deception
The Great Pharmaceutical Deception

We are living in the age of the great pharmaceutical deception.

The Great Pharmaceutical Deception The Great Pharmaceutical Deception

"The light of a lamp will shine no more at all in you. The voice of the bridegroom and of the bride will be heard no more at all in you, for your merchants were the princes of the earth; for with your sorcery all the nations were deceived." Rev 18:23

The word sorcery in the above scripture is highlighted. Given the era and the culture that this prophecy was written, with the limited medical knowledge they had, along with the fact they had none of the technology we use today, we should look at the word to see what was the meaning and the images the author intended to convey using their language and imagery so we may understand what he was telling us.

The word is sorcery. It can be looked up for it's original use and meaning with Strongs G5331 and 5332. The Greek word is pharmakeia from which our English word pharmacy was derived.

The biblical meaning and usage includes:

  • the use or the administering of medicine or drugs
  • poisoning

We can see that the word used in this scripture relates to the use of medication, pharmacy, drugs and for intentional poisonings. It may be used to describe modern pharmaceuticals. It could be correctly stated in modern English so we understand the intent and images conveyed by the original writers within their cultural meaning as "with your pharmaceuticals all the nations of the world were deceived". So the deception and the mark will be brought about by pharmaceutical methods.

Concerning deception we can see how many times they have changed their narrative about their injection. It started out as one jab gets the job done and now has gone to so called "boosters" that will be needed every six months. It started out for the most vulnerable, elderly, then onto all adults and now is being approved and mandated for pregnant women, children and even babies! All these are being referenced as becoming mandatory to participate in society and the economy.

If you have read the section on this website about "Babylon Riding the Beast" you may have realized that the USA is that Babylon who is riding the beast spoken of in the book of Revelation which this scripture is referencing. The concept, funding, patents and creation of the covid experimental drug injection were all done by the USA. There are numerous links to factual information below that prove that the USA government within it's unelected agencies in alliance with the pharmaceutical industry authorized, funded and developed the coronavirus over the past 30+ years. The Covid19 "gain of function" off shore research in China at the Wuhan lab was initiated and funded by Fauci. Over the past 25+ years it has been DARPA, CDC, NIH and other USA agencies that funded bio warfare and military use research that ultimately developed the "gene altering injection" falsely being called a vaccine, that was "ready to go" and pre-determined to be mandated as the only option regardless of ones medical condition or faith objections. The source of that covid virus with it's cell altering injection are documented in the section "The Signs of the time we live in" see: the White Horse and rider with a bow who went out to conquer many nations - the First Seal was opened.

Pharmaceuticals have a long sordid history of fraud, deception and inhumane behavior.

You can follow this link to review a list of the largest pharmaceutical settlements from 1991-2012 which is a historical record of the 20 top DOJ settlements from 1991 to 2012. It does not include their previous ones, and there would be many more smaller ones, then those settled out of court, and then those never prosecuted, or the more recent ones. For example in 2014 the Justice Department announced the Largest Health Care Fraud Settlement in Its History with Pfizer to Pay $2.3 Billion for Fraudulent Marketing. For a historical review of the background of what has been going on since 2000 see the article by Dr. David Martin w/ Dr. Joseph Mercola: Patents Prove COVID Fraud and Illegal Dealings.

Historical news reports about pharmaceutical fraud

Why would Trump: Operation Warp Speed 5-5-2020 along with the governments of the world release a industry with the above track record from all liability of the injection of their experimental drug into 70 to 100% of their populations? At this time pregnant women, children and even babies are being brought into the mandates. This is not scientific, medically sound, rational, sensible, intelligent or humane. Something is really wrong. This action is way beyond the normal human propensity to harm mankind. It is diabolical.

If pharmaceuticals had been required to explicitly and honestly tell the world what was inside their product before they gave the injection, the same simple way a box of cereal is required to do, they would have never been able to perpetrate this on mankind. Their whole foundation is based on secrecy, misdirection, fraud and deception. They are released from all liability with laws that were already put in place for them with that intent. I have read that there are now laws that prevent the diagnose and autopsy of those who die from the injection within two weeks. Those persons are medically and legally declared as having died of the virus. Those having been declared to have died by the virus do not receive autopsy.

Doctors and immunologists who speak up about the deaths and injury's received from taking the injections are censored, discredited as "conspiracy quacks" and threatened to be removed from their license to practice. Research labs that have taken upon them selves to get a hold of live samples of the various injections and report the shocking things they found in them are suddenly shut down. This is just a few of the immense injustices and actions to control the truth that you can find at this time. Yet there are still 1000's of articles that are being published outside the controlled news and social censorship. I recommend looking for medical doctors, immunologists and professional specialists many with PhD's and life long careers in the field reporting with real life facts, data and medical knowledge about what is in the injections and what those chemicals, drugs and added living organisms will do to the human body.

Fraud is deception. Deception is the identifying behavior given to warn mankind of whom and what to flee from: "with your pharmaceuticals all the nations of the world were deceived". Based on the real science and facts the pandemic is a pre-planned false flag event used to establish public fear with acceptance of governmental mandates to take the injections. This identifies why extreme censorship, threats and coercion are being used to control the message and discredit the resisting scientific and medical professionals. If the pharmaceuticals were initiating a humanitarian program, first there would not be a experimental drug whose injuries and long term side effects are completely unknown mandated as the "only" solution, there would be an open public discussion, there would be multiple options that fit each patients health and faith needs, there would be incentives and public resources for immunologists and medical doctors to participate by encouraging them to publish their findings, there would not be a profit motive established between governments, agency directors and the pharmaceuticals, there would be no mandates requiring blind obedience to take the injection to work, buy and sell to participate in an open free society.

The problem with finding non biased pharmaceutical, government and media info is that there are six corporations that own almost all news and media. Yet, there are still 1000's of articles that are being published outside their mass media corporation ownership and the social media censorship in place at this time. I recommend looking for medical doctors, immunologists and professional specialists, many with PhD's and life long careers in their field, reporting real life facts, data and medical knowledge, patient injuries, information about what is in the injections and what those chemicals, drugs and added living organisms will do to the human body.

Count the cost as Jesus warned you to do. Make your decision.

Please, prayerfully ask yourself if you are in denial about the time we are living in. Are you assuming that the current expanding mandate by many large corporations, governments, government agencies, even the US military to trust and obey them to submit and take the experimental cell altering drug in order to work, buy and sell inside their world system means nothing at all? Have you forgotten that to "trust and obey" equals worship when we follow Jesus. We sing hymns to Him with this understanding. Do you not hear the Spirit and the Word sounding the alarm? The decision to submit to the "injection" is irreversible. It can not be undone. That drug will change and mark you and your body for the rest of this life ... and maybe the next? We are called to come out of this fallen world system, to not take it's marks, to not love the things of this world, rather to love God our Father and Jesus Christ His Son with all our heart, letting go of our possessions, family, friends, and even our bodies. These are all things that will perish that we never really owned anyhow. We are called to receive a greater and better spiritual home with a new body with friends, family and possessions that last forever because their foundation and maker is our Heavenly Father.

We should read and meditate on Jesus's teachings and commands often.

We should listen to Him! Follow Him! Love Him! Obey Him!