The mystery of the 7 years of the tribulation.
The mystery of the 7 years of the tribulation.

The mystery of the 7 years of the tribulation.

The key that unlocks the mystery of the "7 years", the appearance of the 8th king, the suffering of the saints, the end of this age, the return of the Messiah to Jerusalem is:

70 Years was given to the Jews after their return to the land, then another 49 years to the year of Jubilee being the 50th year and a year of celebration, procuring freedom and redemption from debts and slavery. A 120 year cycle implies a divine time of waiting. In the age before this one, God gave the generation of Noah a 120 year period to allow humanity to choose to change their behavior before engaging in a complete cleansing and repopulation of the earth.

Next, understand that the 7 years referenced in the Book of Revelation also references "7 cycles of 7 years" equaling the 49 years to Jubilee, so likewise the 3.5 years are "3.5 seven year" cycles of 24.5 years each. From the date marking their spiritual return to the land in 1914 + 70 years to 1984 + 24.5 years to 2008 + 24.5 years to 2033 the end of this age, so 2034 begins the year of Jubilee.

That identifies and anchors these historical years to the following presidents fulfilling their part of the 8 kings prophesy within the 49 year time period:

Beginning with Reagan in 1984 then counting 24.5 years to 2008

Mid-point with Obama in 2008 then counting 24.5 years to 2033

The current "knowable" timeline events from the determined date the Jews return to the land, the 3 World Wars, the beginning and middle of the tribulation to the end of this age can now be seen and understood.

I am sharing this with a sense of urgency for it reveals the true meaning of the decisions soon facing all of us. The time to prepare for what is ahead is short.