The Walk In Love Message for the end of this age.
The Walk In Love Message for the end of this age.

Who are the 8 kings in the book of Revelation?

The 7 Kings prophecy and the 8th King The 7 Kings prophecy and the 8th King

Testimony from Heaven that identify the 8 Kings

God sent three men who died back to this life to witness to key events that establish the last 49 year time period to the end of this age. One in 1975 prophesied to the 1st King who marks the beginning. One in 2015 identified the purpose and person at the 24.5 year mid-point as the (5th and possible 8th King). The third, in 1943, even though being the first one sent back from the dead to testify, affirms the timeframe of the other two, while providing the understanding to determine the number of years left to the end of this age. All three NDE's are well documented and in the public domain.

1975 First King declared marking the beginning of the 49 years.

NDE declares Ronald Reagan the 1st King NDE declares Ronald Reagan the 1st King

Dannion Brinkley died when he was struck by lightning. He was sent back with a vision 6 years before it was fulfilled in 1981. His death experience and prophetic vision occurred in 1975 and was documented in 1976 when being told to Dr Raymond Moody who is a Medical Doctor researching NDE's. Dannion was shown a cowboy actor riding into Washington DC on a horse to become president with the initials RR on him.

The following is his testimony that can be found documented in numerous resources on the web: "I found myself facing the seal of the president of the U.S. I don't know where I was, but I saw the initials R.R. emblazoned beneath this seal. Then I was standing in the midst of newspapers, looking at their editorial cartoons. One after the other, I saw cartoons of a cowboy. He was riding the range or shooting down bad guys in saloons. This vision was festooned with satirical illustrations from around the country from such newspapers as The Boston Globe, The Chicago Tribune, and the Los Angeles Times. The dates on the newspapers ranged from 1983 to 1987, it was clear from the nature of the drawings that they were about the president of the U.S., who projected the image of being a cowboy to the rest of the world. I could also tell that the man in these cartoons was an actor, because they all had a theatrical look to them. One of the cartoons even referred to "Butch Cassidy & the Sundance Kid" played off the famous scene in that movie in which the two outlaws jump off a cliff into a shallow pool of water. Yet despite the vividness of the newspaper clippings, I was unable to see the face under the cowboy hat. I now know that "RR" stood for Ronald Reagan, but at the time I had no idea who the "cowboy" was. A few months later, when I was recalling these visions for Dr. Raymond Moody, the noted psychiatrist & researcher of near-death experiences, he asked me who I thought "RR" was. Without hesitation I said, 'Robert Redford.' He has never let me forget that mistake & ribs me about it every time we get together."

This is the point in time during the 49 years that we are at right now in 2021. We are living within the prophecy of the White Horse and rider with the bow fulfillment. The Red Horse (war) prophecy is staging up as the nations prepare to go to battle. Anyone of the following and several not listed could start a regional war that could escalate into a world war in no time at all.

There is also the suspense of not knowing the face of the 8th King who would be finalizing his opportunity to take control of the US government to rule as he pleases. There are 12 years remaining to the year 2033. Hitler (a shadow type of the 8th King) was able to rise to power by removing the normal order of elected government to take total control of Germany and it's military power. He then removed all active resistance along with the passive undesirable groups deemed unnecessary to him for the purposes he intended for Germany and the world. Historical fact: Hitler ruled for 12 years from 1933 to 1945.

Past examples of unexpected "changes in power" happening in our own form of government are: Four sitting presidents have been killed: Abraham Lincoln, James A. Garfield, William McKinley, and John F. Kennedy. Richard Nixon a popular sitting president was removed out of office, and replaced by Gerald Ford a high level Freemason, by first removing and replacing his VP Spiro Agnew. Hillary Clinton was an insider and involved in that process. We might ask the question have we had a free democratic election process since the assassination of JFK? It was Lyndon B Johnson a registered Freemason who replaced him. Johnson took us into the Vietnam war feeding billions of dollars into the military industrial complex ( something Kennedy refused to do) and implemented a broad social reform agenda that was designed to hook Americans into money and government services for votes that empowered federal government by political control with the power of enforcement over the country right down to the local level. In effect creating a taxing and funding distribution system where resistance or no cooperation ultimately means little to no funds coming back. Maybe the source of the question about free elections could travel back to the beginning of this 120 year time period that began in 1914? The industrial revolution created very large multi-national corporate entities whose legal reason to exist, and primary intent became to generate more and more money for it's shareholders, owners and officers began partnering with the expansion of the USA government and military worldwide who also provided and protected it's expanding markets and resources. Modern Babylon? That sure seems to fit the image of Babylon riding on the back of the beast.

Regardless of who becomes the face of this 8th King, the purpose of the prophecy is to warn mankind that planet earth and the world as we have known it is just about over. It is marking the end of this age and how it will end. We should expect and prepare for the return of the Son of God Jesus Christ. He is the only one who can fix this earth problem by completely cleansing and uplifting humanity and the planet. That is the Good News in The Walk In Love Message. A new age is coming! These are the birth pains that will bring in a universal new way of life and living. One prophesied as the "Kingdom of God" on earth that brings peace and good will to all!