The Walk In Love Message for the end of this age.
The Walk In Love Message for the end of this age.

This message is delivered in the spirit of love, faith and testimony of the Son of God for the help and benefit of my brothers and sisters in Him to be awake and prepared for what is soon coming.

Last year after the elections I was very troubled. Nothing made sense. The public Christian prophecies I heard did not ring true in my spirit. Something was really wrong. I shut off the news, internet, media and asked God to show me what was going on. Over the next few months I received the answer. It touched me to the core of my being with deep groaning and weeping.

USA is the Beast and Babylon USA is the Beast and Babylon

I was shown that I did not really know my country or the time of the world I am living in. Much of the end times teaching, the place of the USA and the founding Christian heritage of my country that I was taught and believed in was not the whole truth. The truth radically changed my reality. It explained the current problems we are having and the ones soon coming our way. I realized I had been deceived. I repented. I renounced those attachments and I put my total faith and attachment in God and His Son. I belong to them. Nothing and no one else. I now understand that those attachments are origin of birth stories that created "hooks" which would drag us away from loving and following the Son of God in the sifting and sorting decision making moments that are coming.

I am presenting the following to you for your review within your heart before God for discernment. To look up and ask God for understanding on how the coming events will completely change your way of life and what you will need to do to prepare the best you can for those changes. I pray that you will ask God for His Spirit to shine His Light in your heart to show you what He sees within you that may cause you to stumble or pull back from following Him in a walk of faith and love as exampled by His Son. I pray you will ask Him to help you prepare your heart and life for what is soon coming.

Here is what I was shown